We manufacture Natures Life CBD in a state-of-the-art licensed facility in Europe. Every batch is independently laboratory tested.

At Natures life, we feel strongly about the benefits of CBD and want to give our customers a great product at a great price. If CBD is priced too high, then many people who could benefit from its properties are not able to afford it.

We keep inventory and overhead low with a limited product line and pass the savings on to you.

We do not think the world needs CBD ice cream, hamburgers, or toilet paper. We feel these novelty items hurt a legitimate product that can help so many. Everybody’s trying to cash in on the growing popularity of CBD, but do people really need CBD hair gel, “No.

People need quality CBD at a fair price! People Need “Natures Life CBD

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Natures Life CBD - Get What You Pay For

Generally, the higher the CBD concentration, the cheaper the CBD is per milligram. However, with Nature’s Life, our 10% CBD price per milligram is better priced than others so we only offer a 10% concentration in our tinctures. Dosage, and price-wise, Natures Life is all you need. 

One full pipette of our 30ml bottle delivers 100mg of CBD, so dosing is easy.

All our products are made with 99% + pure CBD, refined to the highest standard, which guarantees a safe, pure and consistent product. Many will talk about other cannabinoids in their products (there are over 100), but many of these are unknown, unproven, untested and may contain THC, a psychoactive drug.

At Natures Life, we believe in pure CBD. That is what has been tested and is the most stable and consistent. We provide a pure product that is safe for all walks of life.